Why Conseris

This week, we realized it has been quite a long time since we actually talked about Conseris on the blog. So, today we have a bit of self-promo as we share eight reasons why we love Conseris and why we think you should give it a try!

No wifi needed
Research doesn’t always happen on the grid, so your data collection system can’t stop working once you step out of the range of the router. Conseris works no matter where in the world your project takes you. Simply record data on your phone or tablet the same way you would while connected to wifi and when you rejoin a network your records will be automatically synced.

Your data is safe...like really safe
Losing data can really slow down and even derail a project. Do not risk spilling a cup of coffee on your notebook or forgetting to hit save on your excel spreadsheet. With Conseris, your data is automatically synced to our secure online vault and backed up so no matter what happens you will always have your data. The best part is we don’t place artificial constraints on how much data you can store, it is unlimited all for one low monthly price.

Easier analysis
After you collect your data, the intelligent algorithms built into Conseris spring to life and begin generating charts that can help you gather faster insights from the data you just collected. The desire to discover patterns in the world around us is one of the major motivations behind the creation of Conseris, and this feature is a critical part of that goal.

Record exactly what you need
Conseris allows you to build out custom data collection forms so that you can easily plug in exactly the information you need. There are even features that allow you to upload photos, automatically populate the date and time, and store voice messages.

With our team plans, you can create a dataset and your colleagues can join and add in their own data from around the world. It just got a lot easier to compile data when multiple people are simultaneously working on the same project.

Share your data with the world
Conseris gives you the option to upload your data to our online library so that others can access and learn from your work. We want to bring researchers around the world together through the ability to easily share information. Who knows, maybe something you see in our library will spark the inspiration for your next project.

Your data in the palm of your hand
The Conseris mobile app is designed so that you can easily review your data while on the go. Need to check on a specific record? Quickly find it, review it, and even edit the information all from your phone or tablet.

Look really cool
Ok, this last reason might be a little vain but we guarantee you will look really cool when you whip out your tablet or phone to show your friends your fancy new data collection app. They will be envious of your ability to have all of your information at your fingertips and of the speed at which you can record new data more efficiently than ever.

We love using Conseris for data collection and think you would too! Start a free trial today and see for yourself here.

Conseris is a data collection tool designed for researchers that makes it easier than ever to collect, store, and analyze data. www.conseris.io