We vs. You

We vs. You

I want to begin this blog by talking about you.

As a matter of fact, I want every blog post we write to be about you. I have no idea what sort of content this blog is destined to have, or even how much we'll stay on the message of Conseris, but none of that matters to me. I only hope that it helps us learn from you, and that it gives us a platform to teach others what we have learned from you.

But first, some context, so you know who you're dealing with. We are Kuvio Creative, a small team of incredibly dedicated and absurdly talented developers, designers, and marketers that naturally band together on a daily basis to try and solve problems for you. We have no office, because we understand that we don't have to force people under one roof to get them to talk to each other. We work no more than 30 hours a week, because we understand how important work-life balance is to both work and life. We span eight cities and five countries, and we are just eleven people. We are doing everything untraditionally, and yet somehow I couldn't dream of a more capable team. And we aim to tackle, through the prism of software, as many of the world's absurdly challenging problems as we can. Conseris is our first execution of that core mission.

But enough about us. So many companies' brochures and marketing materials sing the praises of Us -- why are We so awesome, why are We so well equipped, why should you give money to Us. Instead, we are here for You.

You, the Researcher that still lugs 1,200 sheets of paper to the field to gather some of the most humanistic and valuable data your community demands, because We were too busy trying to cash in on the magical wonders of Big Data to give you an alternative.

You, the Analyst that fears the ominous call of Data Science to learn R, learn Python, take these two dozen command-line tools and figure out how to combine them yourself, or you're out of the business, because We made the mistake of catering to the vagaries of academic theory and forgot that there was an avalanche of real data to make sense of.

You, the Citizen waiting for all of the promises of Big Data to make your life as good as We said it would, but instead you read our horn-tootin' articles about the mythical lure of the Data Scientist, the world-changing power of this new algorithm with a funny name, the exciting new dashboard company that's figured out how to pack twice as many pie charts onto a page as his competitors.

Conseris has a different aim. Our goal is to give you a full-spectrum tool that you can trust to collect, centralize, aggregate, explore, discover, and share your data with your community. We built a Design workspace for you so that you can set up the schema for your dataset in just a few clicks. We built Gather, an offline-first data collection tool, so that you confidently collect data from anywhere on the planet. We built Explore, an infinitely filterable workspace to view, aggregate, and perform complex predictive algorithms against your gathered data.

However, we know there are still so many problems left to solve. So, if you're a Researcher or an Analyst, we'd like you to try Conseris out in your field research and tell us what you liked and didn't like, and we'll try to help you fill in the gaps. If you're a Citizen, we'd love for you to browse our upcoming Project Marketplace and see if you can find some tidbits of interesting data to share. Or hop onto Conseris and track your kids' height over time, or the growth of your tomato garden, or the number of barn swallows that migrate over your house in the fall.

Bottom line... Conseris is for You, and we hope that it helps you make sense of the onslaught of data in this Information Age.