Seven Holiday Gift Ideas for the Researcher in Your Life

Seven Holiday Gift Ideas for the Researcher in Your Life

The holiday shopping season is in full swing! If you're feeling stumped about what to get the scientist or researcher in your life, look no further! This list has some great ideas that suit many personalities!

1.A restaurant gift card for take-out
When working as a researcher it is so easy to become immersed in your project. This can lead to late nights in the lab or office with no time for dinner. In this moment, there is nothing better than grabbing some hot, ready food on the way home, especially if they are able to pay with a gift card! A budget-friendly and homemade alternative to this gift is to prepare a few frozen meals and give them to your loved one to reheat. This personal touch is sure to be appreciated!

2.Research-themed drinkware
Researchers often put in long hours and this can mean lots of coffee! Help your researcher to caffeinate and show off their passions by getting them a fun science-themed mug. Some of our favorites read, “If we knew what we were doing it wouldn’t be called research.” and “Think like a proton, stay positive.”

3.A gift that reminds them of home
Often, researchers are flung to far corners of the world for fieldwork. While an exciting experience, it is easy to become homesick. Sending a fond memory of home, especially around the holidays, can offer much-needed comfort. Regional snacks, locally made products, or photos of home can make great gifts. Additionally, there are candles available that are scented like different U.S. states, which can also invoke feelings of home.

4.Science wall art
Let the researcher in your life show everyone how much they love science! There is a lot of really amazing art available, some which subtly relates to science, for example, an image taken with a microscope that is presented as abstract art. There are other pieces available that make a bold statement, like a periodic table poster. Whatever their style, you will be able to find a piece of art that suits your researcher’s tastes.

5.Fun office supplies
If the researcher is working toward a degree, they likely spend a lot of time writing. Some fun office supplies or decorations for their desk can make this a lot more fun! Often graduate students will also be tasked with grading undergraduate assignments and some gel pens can make this more exciting for both the researcher and their students!

6.A night out
Researchers work very hard and are often extremely dedicated to their work. Reminding them to take a break and treating them to a night out can be a great way to help them de-stress. This is also a great excuse to spend some quality time together! Plan out some fun activities that align with what your loved one likes and this is sure to be a gift they enjoy!

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