On Cyberstuff, and Where to Put It

On Cyberstuff, and Where to Put It

When I was a senior in high school, I realized the importance of data storage the way most people learn important lessons about technology: my computer crashed during finals week. I was forced to reconcile with every haphazard decision I’d made, beginning with my failure to backup the data I’d aggregated over a semester for my dissertation project. Faced with the Blue Screen of Death, all I could do was pray. Okay, and cry a little. And then yell at technology support.

Though I was able to recover some of the work I’d lost, I was left to scramble with the due-date looming dangerously near. It is at times like these, as I work with an incredible team on Conseris, that I wonder how my education would have been impacted had Conseris existed then. While I would still consider myself a motivated, reasonably successful high school student, I didn’t think much about the copious amounts of information that I’d created and released into the vast, seemingly limitless cyberspace. My storage system left a lot to be desired. And by that I mean, it didn’t really exist.

We are in the age of information; my generation has seen some remarkable inventions that have changed the way we think, speaking to that little voice inside of all of us that thirsts for new knowledge and exploration. The catch is: where do we put all of that brilliant, innovative cyberstuff?

What I didn’t realize during my high school salad days was the importance of reliable and accessible data storage. I suppose I could consider myself tech-literate; as in, if I spend enough time with an app or web program, I can probably figure out my way around it. I like to play around with new apps (after all, one can never have too many Instagram filtering apps). But I’ll be honest: when it came to educational tools during my high school career, and even into the beginning of my college career, I just didn’t invest enough in the software needed to streamline tasks that were taking me double or triple the time when manually entering my work into programs such as Excel.

Sure, old habits die hard. Often, newer isn’t better, and that’s the problem with the ever-expanding world of apps. We’re all so eager to move ahead that we lose sight of where we came from. After all, every great invention wouldn’t be possible without what came before it. There’s nothing wrong with my old favorites like Excel, but if I’ve learned anything during my time at Conseris, it’s that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create a great product.

Here at Kuvio, we realize that’s a losing battle. We respect our roots, and we’re honored that they exist, like a sort of springboard into our next, great adventure. Because let’s face it; the wheel is already great. But maybe we can tweak it, refine it a little, and advance a tiny seed of an idea circa 3500 B.C. into a modern tool that makes transportation -and inspiration- just a little bit easier.

We’re not trying to replace the programs you already know and love. But we hope you can clear some space off your workspace for Conseris and allow a tiny, primitive seed to blossom into something greater.