Mobile Data Collection With Conseris

Mobile Data Collection With Conseris

Conseris was designed with the growing community of mobile data collectors around the world in mind. We have designed a platform that will make data collection simpler and far more accurate.

Before Conseris, researchers were either limited to paper and pencil, excel docs, or expensive software to collect data on the go without wifi. Our mobile data collecting app ensures the safety and accuracy of your data with or without an internet connection.

If you’ve ever had to transcribe data, you can understand how mistakes are made, and how human error comes into play. That’s where we come in –- with Conseris you can share your entire project from the gathering stage, adding contributors to help you gather your data along the way, to the results stage. Your projects can be shared across your whole team with a few clicks on your mobile or tablet device.

Presenting the Data You've Collected

We make it easy for you to present your data and find patterns within seconds of reviewing it. Your data will be shown in an easy-to-read format, whether you want a quick check-in or you want to include it as part of a presentation.

Some Key Features In Conseris

Design The Form to Your Data Collection Needs

With Conseris you’re not stuck with standard templates that have no relevance to your research. Conseris gives you the opportunity to view your data in multiple visualizations utilizing algorithms that you control. Whether you’re into algorithms or not, Conseris makes it so that you decide how to best visualize your data for your research.


Revamped Data Gathering Experience

Need to record an interview while gathering data? We've got you. Need to scan barcodes while gathering barcodes? We've got you too.

Gathering your data is now easier than ever. Simply click on "Add Entry" button to manually input your data. If you already have all the data, we’ve made it easy to upload and see patterns but simply uploading a .csv file in the Conseris platform.

Sharing Your Data

Depending on how large your project you may have multiple groups of people collecting data from all around the world, we’ve made it easy to gather your team’s efforts in a centralized workspace. You will get real time insights into the new data you’ve collected right in front of you.

This is ideal for spotting patterns as they appear, you can then zero in on a certain market or person which may be more appropriate for the data you’re collecting.