Halloween Costumes for Science Lovers

Halloween Costumes for Science Lovers

Halloween is right around the corner and we know that choosing a costume can be the scariest part of the holiday. Still looking for ideas? Here are 9 costumes for science lovers that are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party!

Albert Einstein
Grab a crazy wig, a lab coat, and a pipe and get ready to party the night away as the father of modern physics. Bonus point if you explain the theory of relativity to as many people as possible while wearing this costume.

Pumpkin Pi
This is a great last minute costume because all you need is an orange shirt and black fabric paint or markers. Sketch out the pi sign and you are ready to go. If you have a little extra time you could make a pumpkin stem hat or headband. We also highly suggest baking a pumpkin pie to share with friends.

The Martian
Take an imaginary trip to mars and channel your inner Matt Damon with this fun costume. You’ll need a space helmet, a spacesuit (or just an all white outfit), some gloves, and orange colored spray to add details to your space suit. Have fun dramatically taking off your helmet and pretending there is no oxygen in the room.

Iron Man
Put a scientific twist on this superhero costume by ditching full body armor and wearing a shirt emblazoned with the chemical symbol for iron, Fe. Go forth and save the world.

The Solar System
Some painted styrofoam balls are the basis for this cosmic costume. Glue them to a black shirt, paint on a few stars, and you are ready to go. Looking for a funny costume this year? Make yourself the center of the solar system instead of the sun.

The Night Sky
This is an awesome, easy group costume. Simply have everyone dress in all black and wrap a string of white, battery powered Christmas lights around themselves. Stand together in a cluster, and there you have it, the night sky. If someone is feeling extra ambitious they can decorate their shirt with a constellation or planets.

Ms. Frizzle
Throw it back to childhood with a classic Ms. Frizzle costume from the hit children’s television show, “The Magic School Bus.” You’ll need a wild red wig, a blue dress (preferably embellished with planets), and a tiny yellow school bus or stuffed Liz the Lizard. With this costume you are sure to bring nostalgia to the party.

Charles Darwin
For this look you’ll need a black hat and a long white beard. You’ll also want to carry “The Origin of Species.” Don’t have a copy laying around? A DIY book jacket for an existing book will do the trick. Remind your friends that its survival of the fittest as you steal some of their candy.

The pH scale
Need a costume for a trio? Is one of you feeling #basic? Then the pH scale is the costume for you. One of you needs a blue shirt labelled basic, one needs a yellow shirt labelled neutral, and lastly one friend needs a red shirt labelled acidic. Stick together all night long for maximum effect.

With these ideas, you are sure to be the star of any Halloween party while showing your love and appreciation for science. Please share all of your science halloween costumes with us on Twitter, @Conserisapp.

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