Discover Conseris: Design and Gather Workspaces

Discover Conseris: Design and Gather Workspaces

Imagine that you are in the field working on your latest research project. Suddenly, the crushing weight of your paper collection forms is lifted from your back, replaced by a weightless app on the phone you’ve tucked into your pocket. Your collection efforts become faster, more accurate, and collaborative, and your data gets transmitted back to your lab automatically once you’re back in range of a cell tower. With the data collection app called Conseris, all of this is possible.

Before embarking on your field study, you enter the Conseris Design Workspace and create a customizable form that perfectly fits your project’s needs. With our intuitive form builder, you are able to shape your project in seconds to easily record dates, text, numbers, multiple choice answers, and photos. You can even add a voice memo to capture your thoughts, and you can auto-tag your location so you’ll know exactly where that data was collected. No matter what you are researching, Conseris is equipped with intelligent functions for you to input and organize your data.

Once you have designed the form, you are immediately ready to begin collecting data. Head over to the Gather Workspace and add a few entries to test your form, then use the Mobile Code to deploy your project to your phone and head out to the field. All of your data is stored securely in the Conseris Vault, and your entries are always ready and organized for you and your team to review--no need to shift through stacks of paper files.

Over the course of your project, your plans can change, so Conseris adapts with you. You can easily add questions to the collection form and edit your collected data at any time, and then redeploy the project to your mobile devices.

With all of these customizable features, Conseris is perfect for designing surveys, gathering field notes, displaying experimental results, and so much more! See for yourself how easy it is to begin collecting data with Conseris. Try a free 30-day trial HERE.

Note: This article is the first in the Discover Conseris series. Check back for the next post, which will dive into Conseris’s amazing visualization options.