What is Data Collection? - Conseris.io

What is Data Collection? - Conseris.io

Data collection is a form of research, and there are many ways in which you can use data collection to help you whether you’re making a personal choice as an everyday consumer or a business choice as an employee for a company. In fact, data is the most common form of research in the world today, and there are a variety of different methods used to conduct research. At Kuvio, we specialize in helping people collect data all around the world by making it mobile with the Conseris data collection app.

When you find yourself needing to collect data, what comes to mind? For most, it’s either the reliable pen and paper or the more age-old excel platform. There is nothing wrong with either option, as they are both widely utilized across the globe. There was also nothing wrong with the horse and buggy until Henry Ford decided to push for more.

Conseris takes data collection to a whole new level and makes data easy to use. After all, you shouldn’t need a statistic degree to be able to interpret the data you worked so hard to collect. With Conseris, you can design your own dataset from scratch, add all the members of your team to your project to collaborate, and view the aggregation of your data in real-time. Conseris even displays your data visually making it user-friendly and effortless to navigate.

Why Do People Collect Data?

Scientists collect data. News reporters collect data. Clinicians, business analysts, and HR professionals collect it. Heck, even the supermarket collects data today. Ultimately, we all collect data to answer questions and find out more about the consumer. With Conseris, not only are you able to answer your questions through data collection, you’re also able to predict the future with our predictive analysis algorithm.

The information gathered through research is also invaluable to businesses, most businesses will not make any major decision without data to back up the decision. Without doing this initial research, businesses risk making bad decisions that will negatively affect their profit.

For example, if a company is going through any type of structural change, the company needs to do some external research to see what their competitive environment looks like to determine things such as timing and costs associated with the change. In addition, they are going to want to conduct some type of internal research to make sure they have employee buy-in.

When researching, it is often advised to stand on the backs of giants. Data collection is just a piece of that puzzle. Past studies are great, they give you a reference point, but collecting data first hand is invaluable.

Wherever your research may take you, Conseris has your back.

Methods Of Data Collection

Interviews – This can be done over the phone, in person, formal or informal. This is good if you would like to target a certain area or type of person. Technology has also improved the way interviews are conducted today as they can be on an online platform and even recorded so you can go back and do more research.

Observations – A great way to discover the behavior of people, you can observe people and how they react to certain things. Many of the things we know about animals have been answered by observing their behavior. For instance, did you know that Giant Arctic Jellyfish have tentacles that can reach over 36 meters in length?

Surveys – Whether this is in a digital format or it is part of an interview, you can see patterns of behavior in certain types of people. Surveys are a tried and true form of data collection that lets us into the minds of consumers or research participants.

Focus Groups – Businesses often use this method to tailor their products to certain people. They use it to test people’s reaction to products and then they can focus on perfecting their target market based on fact rather than guesswork.

So, How Does Data Change the World Around Us?

Data drives how much aid is given after natural disasters, how much funding is given to NGO’s, and what conclusions we arrive at after impactful research studies.

We use data for everything. Whether it’s to make decisions, raise funds for a cause, or to understand the things around us. Data is everywhere. When you understand the power of data it either alters your perspective or strengthens your decisions.

After reading this we hope you look at things differently. You should now have a better understanding of why people are always asking you questions. If anything, you’ve just become a more informed consumer and it will also hopefully have given you some ideas on how you can improve your business or daily life.