A Look Back, While Looking Ahead!

A Look Back, While Looking Ahead!

An interview with CEO Joseph Young:

January is a time to reflect and look ahead. Conseris celebrated its first birthday back in November and reached countless milestones throughout the year.

In 2016, “we were innovative, responsive, iterative, pivot-friendly, passionate, and resilient,” said CEO Joseph Young, “while solving some of the most difficult problems we’ve ever come across. For most of us, including me, this is our first rodeo on many spectrums, but somehow we ended up executing better and faster than companies many, many times our size.”

Throughout 2016, the Kuvio Creative team was able to discover patterns of data collection and analysis that applied to so many markets.

The team learned that a zoologist could use Conseris to capture data on animals' moods and behaviors, a genealogist could use Conseris to gather ancestry data, or a clinical trial administrator could give Conseris to patients to record daily updates and side effects.

According to Joseph Young, “there are so many cases like this that we feel are solvable with Conseris. And this is what we're most passionate about -- upgrading the general experience of data collection to make it as straightforward as posting on Facebook.”

As the Conseris team finished its work on the Design, Gather, and Explore workspaces, we realized that we wanted to give users the ability to quickly visualize patterns and trends in their data... So in 2017, we aim to make Conseris a one-stop shop for data processing through a couple of new workspaces that are due out soon — Predict and Present.

In Predict, Conseris generates a predictive model for one of your fields using the data you've already added to the project. You simply type in the characteristics of a new data point, and Conseris will tell you what it thinks the missing value is, without you having to learn predictive analytics to do it. Cool right?

In Present, you can take all of the data and visualizations you've created in your project and consolidate them into a document that you can annotate and share with others.

Joseph recognizes that his dual role as CEO and Solutions Architect is quite unique, but the agile start-up environment allows him to continually lean on and learn from his team, a close-knit group of superstars from six different countries.

“Startups are a wild ride, but one I wouldn't trade for anything, and I'm hungry to take Kuvio and Conseris to the next level,” he says. “When I see Conseris in the hands of researchers of all types of markets, making the data collection process as smooth as silk, I'll know that we really made something special.”

For many people, January is a time to reflect, create new goals, or even build for the future. We’re looking forward to an incredible year, and we’re wishing you all a happy 2017!