A Day Without Conseris

A Day Without Conseris

You wake up. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you prepare for a day of fieldwork where you will be collecting data for your latest project. You begin filling your backpack with notebooks and pens for your day, the bag quickly becomes heavy with these items and all of your other supplies.

If you were using Conseris, all you would need to pack for recording data is a tablet or mobile device, which would really lighten your load.

You arrive in the field and sit down to begin organizing your notes for the day. You take out a pen but realize after a few seconds of furious scribbling that it has dried up. You then have to rummage through your bag for another pen. After this, you quickly jot down a messy chart where you can record your observations. After all of this, you are eager to finally begin your study for the day.

If you were using Conseris, you would never need another pen. You can create a customizable entry form in advance and add to it or duplicate it without ever running out of storage space. This eliminates the need to draw out a way to organize your notes.

After a long day in the field, you head back to your office where you will input your data into the computer system. This is a time-consuming process, but is necessary to backup your work. To fuel your efforts, you brew a warm cup of coffee. As you are flipping through your notes, suddenly the coffee mug tips over spilling all over your notes. The parts of your observations that you have not entered into the computer are lost forever.

If you were using Conseris, your notes would already be stored digitally, eliminating that time consuming second step. In addition, all of your records would be backed up in the secure Conseris vault, so neither a small coffee spill nor a major flood can cause you to lose your work.

After cleaning up the coffee spill, you remember you have an evening meeting with a colleague you hope to collaborate with on your project. You rush to throw together a few charts to show them during the meeting and to print off copies of your fieldnotes. Stressed and running late, you rush to the meeting hoping you can still make a good impression.

If you were using Conseris, preparing for a presentation would be effortless. The app uses intelligent algorithms which automatically detect patterns and trends in data and uses this information to instantly generate eye-catching visualizations, without creating any extra work for you. It is also easy to share all of your records with new collaborators through Conseris’s easy sharing features.

After a long day, you finally crawl into bed. Before you drift off to sleep, you start to wonder if there is a better way to streamline your work to make it more efficient, so that your time is dedicated towards the parts of the work that you love.

With Conseris you can! The app is truly designed to help researchers solve the world’s biggest problems. Your time will be used more efficiently because of Conseris’ streamlined data collection process. You’ll never need another piece of paper when collecting data again. Start a free trial today.