9 Research Podcasts to Check Out This Month

9 Research Podcasts to Check Out This Month

The thriving community of scicomm has been getting increasingly creative in sharing research findings, which has led to an explosion of great research and academic podcasts. Today we share several which are great for listening on your commute, in the shower, while working out, or any other time you want to learn about awesome research insights.

In Depth, Out Loud

This is a U.K. based podcast sponsored by The Conversation, an independent news and opinion site that shares information from the academic and research community. The podcast, which is produced about once per month, shares a variety of long-form stories written by academic experts. The interdisciplinary podcast covers a wide variety of topics; recent episodes discuss subjects such as infertility, transhumanism, and aviation during World War I.

Pod Academy

Pod Academy is an independent, nonprofit platform for podcasts on academic research. Founded by a group of academics, journalists, and IT specialists, the podcast provides episodes on a wide array of topics. The team is committed to producing episodes that are entertaining but also academically rigorous which is what sets this podcast apart. In addition, each episode is accompanied by multiple resources for further exploration.

National Centre for Research Methods Podcasts

The NCRM produces podcast episodes that are 10-15 minutes long and are comprised of interviews that share the latest methodological developments, research findings and ideas, and discuss their potential and actual impact. Episodes are released monthly and recent titles include, “Remember Your Body: A somatics toolkit for ethnographers,”Transforming Lives with Storytelling,” and “Food for thought: using fitness bracelet technology to tackle poor nutrition in low income countries.”

Give Methods A Chance

This is a podcast devoted to research methods in practice, which is designed for students, scholars, and society. Co-producers Kyle Green and Sarah Esther interview top scholars to share their stories about their experiences studying the social world. This is an especially useful tool for those teaching social science research methods.


Distillations is a podcast that explores the intersection of science and the humanities. The podcast seeks to breakdown how scientific concepts and discoveries play out in society. Recent episode titles include “Treating America’s Opioid Addiction” and “Fighting Smog in Los Angeles.” Beyond the podcast, the team also produces videos, a magazine, and a blog.

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain is a NPR podcast in which Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices, and direct our relationships. Published weekly, the podcast covers issues such as gender stereotypes, politics, and poverty.

JAMA: Author Interviews

This podcast, produced by the Journal of the American Medical Association, features interviews with authors who have been recently published in JAMA. In the episodes, researchers discuss their ideas and findings giving an inside look to their published work. The episodes are an exciting way to add insight to journal articles you are reading.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

This fun podcast is produced by SGU Productions to promote critical thinking, reason, and the public understanding of science through media. Founded in 2005, the podcast has been very popular and has created hundreds of episodes on interesting science topics. The creators also recently published a book of the same name.

Microsoft Research Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Gretchen Huizinga and is published weekly. Each episode provides a stimulating conversation meant to keep listeners up to date on the cutting edge of Microsoft research. As demonstrated by the 5-star ratings from listeners, this is a useful and informative podcast.

Bonus: Pew Research Center Youtube Channel

Ok, we know this isn’t a podcast, but we recently stumbled upon this Youtube channel and really love the smart, informative videos they share about their research methods and findings.

Do you have a favorite academic podcast? Share it with us on Twitter, @Conseris, and you might see it in our next podcast round-up. Happy listening!

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