10 Tips for Improving Efficiency In the Lab

10 Tips for Improving Efficiency In the Lab

1.Hire the right people.
Fill your team with people who are motivated to work hard. If they are passionate about the project, they are more likely to work efficiently and bring about positive results.

2.Be organized and clean as you go.
This can help you avoid wasting time looking for materials or cleaning up accidental spills. Taking a moment to tidy your space and putting things away whenever possible will make your workspace easier to navigate and helps you avoid a lengthy cleanup process later.

3.Write everything down.
Keeping detailed notes of everything you do will make it easy for others to replicate your experiment, thus saving the time it would take for them to interpret less detailed information. Additionally, if you want to revisit the notes in 6 months, it will be easy to see the processes and you will not have to try to fill in incomplete information when it is no longer fresh in your mind.

4.Start with the intended outcome.
If everyone on the team has a clear idea of the end goals and are frequently reminded of them, it will keep motivation and efficiency high. It will also keep you from getting sidetracked and moving away from your important final outcomes.

5.Keep a to-do list and stick to it.
Starting each day with a specific list of tasks can help you stay on track. It can also help save time as you transition from one activity to the next because you will know exactly what you should be working on. To-do lists also make it easier to keep track of upcoming deadlines.

6.Go paperless.
Writing and filing notes can really slow you down. Not to mention, without a backup there is always the possibility of lost data. Using a program, like Conseris, to digitally record data can help you work faster and give you peace of mind.

7.Take strategic breaks.
Working long hours may make it seem like you are getting more work done, but over the course of a long day, productivity decreases. Know when to stop for a break to clear your mind, or grab a snack so you can get the most out of your workday.

Another lab may have procedures that can save you time. Don’t be afraid to talk with others in the field about their methods. You might have tips to help them too!

9.Encourage innovation.
Your team members may find more efficient ways to do things than the steadfast methods. Create an environment where innovation is encouraged as long as you ensure that you are still reaching a successful end result.

10.Keep track of inventory.
You never want to stop your work because you ran out of supplies. Keep inventory organized in easy to access containers so you can see when you are running low on something and order more proactively.

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